The Priorities in Life

A runner who was out running with her dog came up to our house Sunday morning. She was desperate to find help because 3 dogs were loose and were running back and forth across Garden Ridge. She told me they had collars and that she didn’t have a phone to call their owner. I still feel guilty, because I didn’t immediately feel like jumping to help. This is a first for for me in that kind of situation. But I called for Jeff and he headed out. Madison and I followed shortly and with the runner’s help we were able to head in the direction of the dogs and grab them.

We called the owner and sat and waited for her to come pick them up. The runner was so grateful that we came to help. Madison had grabbed treats and since the dogs we had caught didn’t want any, she gave one to the runner’s dog. As we sat there I felt even guiltier…the dogs were tired and very sweet. They were having a huge adventure, but they were safe. When the owner pulled up and you could see their faces zero in on the car and their eyes light up and tails wag 100 miles an hour.They were so excited to see their mom! She was so grateful and slightly embarrassed they had gotten out.
The impact this had on Madison was huge. At this point I realized that I have been consumed by homeschooling and making sure I was on top of her education. It is exhausting and overwhelming at times and it’s a lot to have on ones’ shoulders. But it’s not as important as helping others in need and doing the right thing. 

God works in wonderful ways to remind us of what is important. It’s not being the star in a sport or having the most fun learning. It’s about being human and helping those around us. We used to foster puppies and dogs all the time and we had to stop due to our cat’s health. I really haven’t implemented other ways to give since then. There are many ways to help animals and humans. I am grateful for the many gentle reminders that tell me this what we need to make a priority in our lives. It matters and it is very important. As parents we have to lead by example. I am committing to doing just that. 

I recently saw a post from a friend on Facebook that hit home. Everyone’s busy, it’s all about priorities. This is so true. 

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