Gifted Student Advocacy 

Since I have chosen to homeschool, I will admit I have given up on public schools accommodating  gifted learners. To an extent. But when I see an article like this one, it gives me hope.  If only those who made the decisions on children’s education would listen.  It’s not just one person or one section of Education. It’s all. Educators, Administration, School Boards and Policy Makers…..

Do not let down a life of child. It is heartbreaking. Research and provide assistance for gifted and 2e children. Test scores will rise. It is a win/win situation that all are missing out on.  Most importantly the students.

One Comment on “Gifted Student Advocacy 

  1. There are pockets of hope everywhere. I saw them when I was still teaching and continue to see them mostly online in other places. In reality, I hear the stories of my many teaching friends who are broken down and only going through the motions. They’ve lost hope. I’m glad that you were able to take on the responsibility for your own gifted child’s learning. It seems that more and more families will be making that choice unless something big changes the path education is on. Best of luck to you!

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