Validation of Choosing to Homeschool a Gifted Child

I know when I started homeschooling there was a significant amount of doubt from everyone around me.

When I was trying to figure out if I should pull Madison from public school to homeschool her, her AP said, “I wouldn’t recommend that.” My mom totally freaked out. It is clear the stance anyone we know has on my decision.

I am grateful for the support I received from my dad,  my husband, my grandmother and my true friends, but I know there was always a cloud of worry and rightfully so. I don’t have an official college degree, yet I am educating my own child? And it seemed crazy that a 7 year old could know what was best for her life and what would make her happy. To trust that was hard for all of us.

Well, here’s the thing…I have a lot of college credits, just not all specifically that obtain a certain degree and most importantly I have this thing called determination. That means I will be extremely successful at whatever I set my mind to and that I want to accomplish. I have proven this many times throughout my life. Madison was confident that she could learn whatever I presented, we just had to work together to figure out how to do it.

I would never take on something so important if I didn’t think I could succeed, especially something that is so crucial to my daughter’s life and future.

So to appease and prove that we were fine I had Madison take the IBST and the CogAT test.

We received her results a couple of days ago. I won’t go into details of what her results were, but I will say if there was any shade of doubt from those who supported me, it’s gone. The doubt I had in myself is gone and pulling her from public school was definitely the best choice Madison had ever made because there is absolutely NO WAY she would be where she is at now if I hadn’t.

We were all blown away.

Moral of this post? Trust your child, intuition, God and don’t listen, care or be influenced by those that don’t understand.

They may never understand or approve, but that doesn’t matter. Your child’s happiness and future is all that matters. Always trust yourself and God and never let society or others influence doing what you think is best for your child. In the end, they don’t have to pay for the consequences.

This upcoming year is going to be so much fun and I am excited and looking forward to it. We have great friends and a wonderful homeschool community that I am so grateful to be a part of. I will not always have all the answers, but I will try my hardest to find them and provide Madison with what she needs to learn and succeed and that strategy seems to be working out very, very well so far. 🙂

One Comment on “Validation of Choosing to Homeschool a Gifted Child

  1. What an inspirational post! Thank you for sharing. We are thinking of pulling our gifted son out of public school and it is nice to read another success story like yours!

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