Disclosure Policy

It dawned on me that a lot of other bloggers have a disclosure policy and since I give my opinions on products we use, I should too. So here it goes…

Disclosure Policy:

All opinions on this blog are completely my own. I share what works for us and that is not a guarantee it will work the same way for anyone else. I have not been compensated for any reviews or recommendations I have posted up to the date of 7/16/2015. I do earn scholarships that I give away, for every five families that sign up for giftedandtalented.com courses with my promo code. I give honest reviews of what works for us and what doesn’t solely based on our experiences and they are always subject to change.

Ok, with that said, from this date forward, I may include affiliate links to Amazon Associates. If someone clicks on an affiliate link I post, it doesn’t cost them anything and I earn an extremely small percentage. I am going to try it out and see how it works.

So, hopefully that covers it. 😉 The main purpose of my blog is for gifted advocacy and to share our homeschooling journey. The only time I will post an affiliate link is when I was going to post a regular link anyway as I share what we do.

Thanks so much for following my blog!


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