Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling, the Third and Fourth Week of June 2015

Madison had a wonderful time at her LLELA Nature Camp. Here are a couple of pictures courtesy of LLELA’s Facebook Page. They have lots of family friendly activities. Click HERE to view their event calendar.LLELA SUMMER CAMP LLELA Summer Camp 2 Madison is moving right along in Redbird Advanced Math from Giftedandtalented.com. She is now on Extend Multiplication Concepts in Fourth Grade. Camps slow us down of course, but she still spends a little time on it everyday. I think this is very important because kids can experience ‘brain drain’ over the summer and loose a lot of what they have learned during the year. This is why we homeschool year round. You can find the coursework listing of what each grade covers HERE. If you are interested in trying any of the courses on GiftedandTalented.com and would like to save 10%, you can use code PGEK2FP when checking out.

We are also continuing EPGY Language Arts from GiftedandTalented.com. Madison has advanced to Fourth Grade. She was super excited about that! You can find the coursework listing of what each grade covers HERE. I think having a solid foundation in English is critical for success in all subjects, so I feel much better knowing that she is building that foundation with EPGY. And she doesn’t have to physically write a bunch of sentences to do it. That is the beauty of it being online. She would be so much farther behind if she had to write everything out.

In our Moving Beyond the Page curriculum, Madison finished Economic Cycles. We are waiting to complete the final project when she can actually apply it to real life learning by selling a product she creates in the Fall. She’s really looking forward to doing testing, marketing and to see the success of her sale.

We began The Whipping Boy and Government and the People units in Moving Beyond the Page this week. In the Language Arts unit, The Whipping Boy, she learned about a democracy, a monarchy, more about historical fiction and  new vocabulary words. Madison also learned about idioms, similes, hyperboles, main characters and supporting characters and the feudal system. She is currently doing the Medieval lesson in Skrafty Minecraft Homeschool as well. You can see a video tour of her Egypt lesson HERE. We will post a video tour of the Medieval lesson when it is complete.

In the Social Studies unit, Government and the People, Madison learned about Authority, Roles of Government, Citizens, Politicians, Voting, Our System of Government and Local, State and National Government.

We had a HUGE accomplishment on June 22nd. Madison passed XtraMath Addition. She was super excited and has now moved on to mastering her subtraction facts in 3 seconds each.

Madison has been creating great pieces of artwork. She sculpted a super cool dragonfly, painted flowers in a vase for me for Mother’s Day, painted a bluebonnet, created a sunset in a frame for Jeff for Father’s Day and painted a canvas of abstract art. She loves Miss Mary at the ArtHouse! Click HERE to see the post with pictures of her artwork projects.

Madison attended a summer camp and a homeschool workshop at the Dallas Museum of Art this week. Read all about it and see the pieces of art she created HERE.

For Madison’s birthday she received the Cinderella’s carriage Lego set. She was so excited to build it and after it was complete she asked for Cinderella’s Castle. So she’s been on a Lego Building frenzy. Here is her final creation of both. Front and back: Lego back Legos frontMadison’s garden has taken off with all of the rain we have had and she was able to pick two tomatoes this week. She was beyond excited! Madison's GardenNext week Madison will take her Iowa Basic Skills Test and CogAt test. We will submit them for scoring and should receive the results within 10 days.

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