Summer Fun at the Dallas Museum of Art

This week Madison attended a week long summer camp and a homeschool class at the Dallas Museum of Art. She had the best time and we will definitely be doing these again! The Dallas Museum of Art has wonderful family activities all summer long and admission is free! Click HERE for more information!

At the end of the week, Madison’s summer camp class was able to individually present their artwork to all of the parents. She was so proud!

Dallas Museum of Art CampShe made great friends!

Dallas Museum of Art Summer CampThe camp she took was called The Artist in You. Here is the description from the website: Become an art expert and learn how to spot the differences between a Monet and a Mondrian! We’ll explore the -isms and -scapes of art: impressionism, cubism, cityscapes, seascapes, and more as we create personal pieces inspired by the masters. Investigate van Gogh’s expressive landscapes, Monet’s soft color palette, and Picasso’s fractured cubist still life. Play with color, perspective, dots, and lines to make your own treasures and discover the artist in you!

Her teacher was amazing and she learned a lot!!! She enjoyed making all the different pieces of art.

Pictures 047Pictures 040Pictures 041Pictures 042Pictures 043Pictures 044Pictures 045Pictures 046

Madison also had a great time at the Homeschool Class Workshop. First they discussed pieces of art regarding landscapes.

Dallas Museum of Art Homeschool Class 3 Dallas Museum of Art Homeschool ClassThen we went outside and the kids drew their own landscape pictures with watercolor colored pencils. They brushed them with paintbrushes dipped in water for a watercolor picture effect. Madison enjoyed the kids and loved the class!

Dallas Museum of Art Homeschool Class 2Madison loves spending time at the Dallas Museum of Art. We are grateful for the Dallas Arts District!

Dallas Museum of Art

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