The Difference a Gifted and Talented Teacher Can Make

I realized after writing my last post that there was one person who really had a positive impact on my daughter’s life  in public school and was a highlight for her days there. The one person that truly believed in her. 

Admist the misery she experienced in public school, there were times that were fabulous. Those times were made by her Gifted and Talented teacher. 

A gifted program in a public school is very important for a gifted child. They need it. Unfortunately, our district lost funding and so the program was cut back. The pull outs for First grade turned into whole class lessons. 

Madison’s gifted and talented teacher saw the need for all the gifted children in her grade and took it upon herself to volunteer her time after school to provide them with the gifted pull out time that was taken away from the district. 

I can’t even begin to explain what that meant to Madison. What she learned and experienced during those times was amazing. And she also was with students that were like her. 

My only regret of homeschooling is that Madison doesn’t get to experience Mrs. Rountree’s classes. I truly believe that is a detriment to her.  

Last Christmas Madison heard a contest on the radio to vote for your favorite teacher that made a difference in your life and she begged for us to call and nominate Mrs. Rountree.

I am grateful that Madison’s public school has a gifted program and I pray that they service the needs of the gifted children within the district. It does make a difference in a child’s life and leaves an imprint forever. 

They deserve it just as much as the children that need help passing the state tests. They can become one in the same without it. 

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