Guilty Feelings

Since Madison was a baby she was always driven to learn. Constantly and in her own way. I noticed early on that when her mind was ‘worked’ her behavior greatly improved so I let her lead and provided as many learning experiences as possible.

I sent her to a part time preschool. She didn’t learn anything new, but enjoyed the kids and I felt she needed to learn how to follow directions from others.

Then came kindergarten. The entire time she was there I felt very guilty. It wasn’t easy for her to sit in her chair all day. 

First Grade was a living hell. She begged me to homeschool her. She came home crying almost everyday. 

Homeschooling was the best choice Madison has ever made. She is thriving and is so happy. She is experiencing so much more. 

I feel very guilty for going against my gut feelings and sending her to kindergarten and first grade at the public school. 

I can only hope that someday she will forget what it was like. 

If I had only known…I wouldn’t have robbed her of those two years and I wouldn’t have put her through the misery. 

I am very grateful that she knew what she needed and that I listened. I am blessed to be able to give her the life of learning she deserves. One that is not sitting at a desk for hours or being taught to the test. And I am am even more blessed that I have the full support of my husband and my parents.

If you have a gifted child that wants to learn at home and is miserable in school, please listen to them. Research, test them, do what you need to. In the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. Your child’s life and future is precious. 

Life is too short to be unhappy. Especially if you are a child. 

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