Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling – April – June 2015

The last week in April to the first week in June have been a blur. 🙂 We went to Disney World and had an awesome vacation. Madison also turned 8.

Madison has finished 3rd grade Math in Redbird Advanced Mathematics and is continuing on to 4th grade. She is almost to 4th grade in the EPGY Language Arts Program. It will go a little slower for the summer because of the weeks she is at summer camp, but we will continue over the summer to prevent any brain drain that usually occurs. Here are some pictures from the first section of Fourth grade:

This is the challenge problem at the end:

Redbird Advanced Mathematics

Here are pictures of the final project:

Redbird Advanced Mathematics Redbird Advanced Mathematics

During the past couple of months we completed the Moving Beyond the Page Charlotte’s Web and Water Cycle Units, Rainforest units, The Family Under the Bridge and we are still working on Economics.

For the summer Madison will continue to homeschool as well as take art classes and piano lessons. She’s looking forward to playdates, meeting friends at the pool, roller skating, going to the movies and summer camps. Madison just finished a camp at LLELA where she spent the week hiking, ‘swimming’ in the trails, catching frogs and making frog habitats, keeping a nature journal and kayaking. She had a blast!

We decided to enroll Madison part-time in a interest-led democratic community learning environment that starts in the Fall. I know that is how she learns best, but I am still hesitant to commit that type of learning 100%, so I am committing to part-time. She is very excited about it. It will give her the time to collaborate with many other students on anything that interests her. I think she’ll thrive in this environment.  http://www.makarioslearningcommunity.org/

Madison has also discovered Skrafty Homeschool Minecraft. She LOVES it and I feel better about letting her play because she is learning. It is really awesome! Lots of classes that are self-paced and fun!

My posts going forward will be more detailed, but I wanted to do a quick update for the time being. 🙂

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