Redbird Advanced Learning Courses and my Take on Common Core

Recently another online Math program was circulated for free summer practice for the kids in public schools. I tried it to see how Madison would do with the Common Core problems and Madison passed second grade level with flying colors which made me feel better since they were totally crazy common core questions. I did it as a ‘test’ to see if she could do them. Part of me was worried that the ‘crazy and frustrating’ part of common core won’t go away by the time I needed it to and she would ‘bomb’ tests and quizzes to get into college because she refuses to do ‘typical’ common core Math. What I found out was without she would have failed this ‘test.’

By using for our Homeschool Math curriculum, Madison has learned math in such an in depth way that she can ace these crazy problems by applying the critical and logical thinking skills she is using in Redbird’s Advanced Math Learning program which isn’t ‘crazy and frustrating’ for her to do. It does dig deeper so that she has a deeper level of understanding, but not in the ridiculous and confusing way as others that are free and popular do. The free programs are not intuitive and are very frustrating. Not to mention a complete waste of time. For a gifted kid, especially one that is PG in Math, that says a lot. I am extremely confident that she is learning Math in a way that she understands, loves and that prepares her for the future, regardless of what form the testing is in. I did this to do a ‘double check’ for myself and her and of course I am still forever grateful for Redbird Advanced Math’s programs. We are going strong on fourth grade! 

I now know not to make her ‘try’ a true Common Core Math program test that is free to ‘see’ if she can do it, because it almost killed her love of Math for my ‘just checking to see’ moment. Lesson learned. 🙂 I am grateful Redbird Advanced Math is ‘associated’ but is normal so Madison can learn and be challenged, but not will not refuse to do it because she thinks it’s ridiculous. Common Core isn’t a curriculum, it’s a set of standards and how those standards are taught is the true definition of success for a student. Kudos to Redbird Math for doing it the right way. The way that engages students and takes their love of learning Math to a whole new level. A level that is the same Math I did, but is presented in a different way and that will prepare her for the ACT and SAT. 

Below is a link with a promo code to save if you would like to try an excellent and fun Math program over the summer. I think it’s important to keep kids’ minds engaged so they don’t regress. It only makes it harder for the next school year. We use the independent version which is only $18 a month after the discount, but the code is good for any class they offer. We also do the independent EPGY Language Arts and it is an excellent program as well. 

Here is the link to save 10% and review videos and the coursework outline:

We will have her take the Iowa Basic Skills Test. Twice. Once for Second grade and then one for 3rd – 5th. We ordered the prep for 2nd and after reviewing it I realized she needs to take both. I will post how she does in both for Math and other subjects once we receive the scoring result detail, but I am confident she is prepared to be successful in both because Redbird Advanced Math’s program prepares her for anything. Common Core or not, she’s good. And that is awesome! 

I know I haven’t written an update on our homeschooling progress in awhile. First we were packing and prepping for our Disney World vacation, then we went and had a fabulous time and came home and have been ‘recovering’ from it since. 😉 I have been taking pictures and will be posting an update next week. Madison is at a summer camp for the week, so I will finally have the time. 🙂 

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