Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling – The First Three Weeks of April 2015

It’s amazing how fast time flies when you are having fun. 🙂 As a continuation from our last update, we finished up our Moving Beyond the Page Poppy and Lifecycles units. In our Poppy unit, Madison learned about alliteration, prefixes and suffixes, and the rules for adding ed and ing to a verb. She completed a writing project where she wrote a rough draft, edited it with a rubric and I am very proud of her final draft. 2015-04-06 14.13.26I also love how she shows what she has read by completing a story tree.


Madison enjoyed picking three things to complete from her Poppy Think-Tac-Toe and Language Think-Tac-Toe for her final project. In our Lifecycles unit, Madison learned about food webs and energy pyramids. She also learned about the proboscis on a butterfly. Creating a new species for her final project was Madison’s favorite part of both units. She was able to show what she had learned while also being able to use her imagination and creativity.


We began our Charlotte’s Web and Water Cycle units. Madison loves Charlotte’s web and was very excited to begin. In Charlotte’s Web, Madison is reading three chapters a day, answers comprehension questions and then completes a plot flow chart and character timeline for each chapter.  She looked up definitions for vocabulary throughout the book and wrote the definition on an index card and highlighted the word in the book so she could reference the card while reading. She learned that when looking up words in the dictionary that end in ed, ing, or ly you have to identify the base word first. Madison focused on different characteristics of friendship and has identified those while reading the book. She did research on spiders and completed a spider poem. Madison learned how to create a schedule and practiced word choice while writing using her senses.

In our water cycle unit, Madison learned that two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom makes a water molecule. She created her own model. Madison learned about the different types of clouds and is keeping track of the kinds of clouds she identifies every day on a cloud bar chart. She learned about the water cycle. We read the book A Drop Around the World by Barbara Shaw McKinney and did fun activities relating to the book. We will be continuing both of these units for another week.

Madison hit a milestone in her Redbird Advanced Math that I am going to write about in a separate post. 🙂

We put Wordly Wise on hold after chapter 10 in book 3 because there is a lot of vocabulary being taught in Moving Beyond the Page. We are continuing reading Story of the World, keyboarding, EPGY Language Arts & Writing, Handwriting Without Tears, Perplexors, Logic links, and Analogy Challenges.

We enjoy playing lots of board games. Madison loves Skip-Bo, Chess, and games from Think Fun. We ordered more from Zulily the last time they were offered. Madison also loves creating with her Snap Circuits.

Here Madison and Jeff play Cartoon It from Thinkfun:

2015-04-07 18.46.34

Here Madison builds with snap circuits!

2015-04-06 14.21.15

And of course Legos!

2015-04-07 10.10.52

The past three weeks have been really busy and have flown by so quickly! We had a wonderful Easter. Madison planted an awesome garden and is very excited to watch it grow. She also planted seeds for carrots, beets and watermelon. They seemed to grow and change every couple of hours. She transplanted them into her garden last weekend. She came up with a great idea to sell the extra watermelon plants at the local homeschool kids craft fair.

2015-04-08 08.39.51 2015-04-08 11.21.10 IMG_8195

There have been an over abundance of caterpillars this year and we found a very ugly one that we had never seen before.

2015-04-12 15.47.38

Every day there is a new and fun experience! 🙂 Madison is continuing with piano lessons, art class, homeschool PE, and Lego Robotics and is enjoying them all. She really loves her homeschool classes at LLELA and the homeschool park day.

I appreciate all of her instructors that can handle how intense Madison is and all of her overexcitabilities.

North Texas Mensa Youth went on a night hike at LLELA for one of their events and Madison loved it! Diane, the educator for the hike is so patient with Madison while Madison talked non-stop. She is Madison’s idol.

Madison is very excited for their upcoming events that include flying in a small plane and being able to take the controls for a bit and blueberry picking. 

Madison is looking forward to her First Communion this weekend and celebrating her sacrament with her sister, grandparents and great grandma.

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