Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling – The Last Week in March 2015

I want to start this post out by saying how much I love the Redbird Advanced Mathematics course that Madison is doing. The reason I love it so much, is because she loves it so much. And maybe a little bit of it is also due to the fact I don’t have to try to teach her Math or force her to do worksheets. She does it without assistance from me and for a core subject that is so important, I am grateful that she actually enjoys doing it. We have tried many other programs and this is the only one that she likes. You can use the promo code EFPJMR for 10% off any of the courses giftedandtalented.com offers. Here are some pictures from her Time and Mass third grade unit. As you can see, it doesn’t include any ‘fuzzy math’. 🙂
Redbird Advanced Mathmatics Grade 3 Redbird Advanced Mathmatics Grade 3-2 Redbird Advanced Mathmatics Grade 3-3 Redbird Advanced Mathmatics Grade 3-4
We began our Poppy and Lifecycle units from Moving Beyond the Page. In our Poppy Language Arts unit Madison learned about the Fantasy Genre, protagonists, antagonists, settings, conjunctions, owl pellets, paragraphs, quotation marks, synonyms, antonyms, alliteration, and summaries. She is keeping a setting map and she wrote a diamante poem. She is on chapter 15 and is really enjoying the book Poppy by Avi.
In our Lifecycles Science unit Madison learned about the characteristics of living things, how plants and animals progress through stages in their life cycles, life cycles of animals and insects, photosynthesis, decomposers, parts of a flowering plant and the carbon/oxygen cycle, as well as the human life cycle and nutrient cycle. She also explored energy and food chains and learned about producers and consumers, carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.  The books we are using for this unit are What is a Lifecycle by Bobbie Kalman and Who Eats What? by Patricia Lauber. We watched Brain Pop videos and the Bill Nye the Science Guy Lifecycles video.

We had a lot of fun activities this week! Theater class came to end with the final performance of their play. Madison really enjoyed performing!

theater class

We attended the Fort Worth Zoo Homeschool Day. Madison loved seeing the animals and learning many new facts.
Fort Worth Zoo Homeschool Day Fort Worth Zoo Homeschool Day - Rock Climbing Fort Worth Zoo Homeschool Day - Mr. Ocax Fort Worth Zoo Homeschool Day - Hissing Roach
Madison loves her Homeschool PE class so much! They played an awesome game of Human Hungry Hippos. It was hilarious! Here’s the link to watch:
Madison’s Homeschool PE class is through Bowmen Sports. They have several Homeschool classes across North DFW as well as various sports classes and camps. I highly recommend them.
Madison attended a homeschool workshop at the Nasher Sculpture Museum called Space Invaders and learned about positive and negative space. She loved it!
 Nasher Sculpture Center Homeschool Workshop
 Nasher Sculpture Center Homeschool Workshop 5Nasher Sculpture Center Homeschool Workshop 3 Nasher Sculpture Center Homeschool Workshop 2Nasher Sculpture Center Homeschool Workshop 4
The sun has been out and we have had beautiful weather. Jeff built Madison a raised garden bed, but we realized last year that the location it was in had too much shade, so he emptied it and moved moved it to a sunnier area in the backyard. I’ll post pictures of her garden in the next update. She definitely inherited her green thumb from both of her great grandmas on my side! It’s fun to watch her.

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