Raising a Gifted Child – One Way is the Only Right Way

Honestly, some things scare me when it comes to raising a gifted child. I read as many articles as I can and do my best to educate myself. I read about how to appreciate my child’s gifts and to make her feel good about herself and focus on the positive for her self-esteem. But then I question the fine line between empowering her leadership qualities and teaching her humility, compassion and love. Life is not always about being right or being the one to make sure everyone follows what she thinks are the rules. When Madison grows up I want her to be able to accomplish what she believes in and to do so with all the passion inside of her, but not at the expense of alienating herself from others because she does not care about anyone but herself. She needs to understand that she can go forward with her passion and beliefs while still respecting others’ beliefs as well. My goal for Madison is to support her strong beliefs and at the same time to teach her how to respect that others can have a different opinion. To not act as though she is righteous above others because of her beliefs and to force them upon everyone.

Gifted children/adults’s beliefs can consume them. There has to be some sort of balance because forcing someone to play by only one set of rules is a dictatorship and one that usually is not effective when trying to reach a majority of people. I am dedicated to loving her and supporting her for who she is, but not without teaching her that there is a way of communicating her beliefs that will reach more if she can connect with them. Life is not always black or white. I will always encourage her to stand up for what she believes in and to share it, but not to go out of her way to undermine others if it is not the same thing. We have a lot we can learn from each other. Keeping an open mind is always an important part part of learning. One person never knows it all….even if they think they do. 🙂 

One Comment on “Raising a Gifted Child – One Way is the Only Right Way

  1. You are absolutely right. Giftedness is not a disease that needs a prescribed treatment. They are not projects. They are still humans with different personalities and needs. A lot of gifted , non gifted, highly skilled and highly intelligent people have become arrogant because of what people who don’t know anything about giftedness are telling them based on inaccurate research and info. Gifted people do make mistakes. Every well known gifted person had failed at something before becoming successful.

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