I Am Amazed 

I went back through my prior posts tonight and I am amazed at how I have evolved this past year. I have gone through so many different thought processes. The biggest accomplishment I have made this year for myself, is letting go of the bitterness I had with the public school system. I am realizing so many things can be a blessing in disguise. I never believed in the concept that “things happen for a reason” until now. I think I had to figure out homeschooling and feel confident that I was doing the right thing before I could let go of what I thought Madison was ‘missing.’ Madison was always confident. She has always known. I am blessed that she helped guide me and reassured me that we were doing the right thing. And that she had the confidence that I would figure it all out. I feel guilty that she was in that position and I am glad she isn’t anymore. 

I no longer check to make sure we are on track with our state standards. I don’t have to because I think they are ludicrous now and I know Madison is learning a whole lot more and exceeding them. The difference for her is that she is truly learning and retaining now. And in so many more and different ways. I guess I had to ‘see it to believe it.’ I look back at the beginning of the year and I have to laugh and shake my head, but I also realize it’s part of the process. 

Here’s the kicker. I realize those that homeschool sometimes worry that they are behind. The one thing I learned from Madison being in public school, Alyssa going through public high school and from volunteering is that the public school doesn’t read every page in every textbook or complete every page. Homeschoolers do or they think they are behind, but in reality their children are 10 times ahead because they do read/complete every page in their curriculum. You can’t with a full class. It isn’t possible. Or they teach how their individual children learn best. That in itself ends up having the child retain the information at a much higher level. 

Homeschoolers also incorporate a lot of hands on learning where kids are learning all the time. Now that I realize this, I have become much more laid back and confident. It’s the same concept of worrying when your child will stop taking a bottle or ends up being potty trained. They don’t end up drinking milk out of a bottle in college and are just fine, but many parents worry that if they don’t do things exactly how society expects them to then they are ‘not on target.’

I honestly believe that what works for one doesn’t work for all. I would love to say that I made it through the public school system and I am fine, but the reality is I realize I didn’t retain everything I was taught and I have realized that now more then ever. But there are kids that thrive in public and private school and are very successful adults. And that is great! I am not saying public school is bad, but I am glad that because it didn’t work for us, that homeschooling has. I am forever grateful that I was introduced to a community that was crucial to our success. Every situation is different and I am just very happy our situation is not only working out, but is better than I could have ever imagined. 

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  1. I second your comments. I don’t adhere to the system either–not required! Im a fond follower of John Holt & John Taylor Gatto’s books. I wrote a post on another blog, not mine, on unschooling (really, child directed educating) last week on my page on facebook–Capturing the Charmed Life

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