Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling – The Fourth Week in February 2015

DSC03143This week we experienced an ice and snow storm in Texas so Madison’s Homeschool class at the Perot Museum was canceled. It was a huge disappointment for her, but we got a lot of learning done, so it ended up working out.We happened to check out the book Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin from the library and it was perfect timing to read it. Madison really had fun playing in the snow, but after a day or so, she decided that Groundhog Day was a curse this year and she is ready for it to warm up. 🙂

In addition to schoolwork, Madison also built a mechanical robotic arm. She had a lot of fun playing with it after she built it.

Pictures 052

Here is a video of her finished product:

Madison absolutely loved her Redbird Math unit this week. This week Madison completed Patterns in Multiplication which included: Multiply by 2, Multiply by 3 & 5, Introduction to Multiplication Tables, Use Multiplication Tables, Basic Multiplication Facts, Patterns in the Multiplication Table, and Learn Multiplication Facts. She unlocked a cool game during the week that she thought was a lot of fun.

Pictures 002

But the BEST part was the final project and the challenge problem!!! They both included using multiplication and coding and Madison LOVED them.



DSC03139When Madison was completing the Challenge Problem, she smiled and said, “This is really hard!” and then giggled. She really enjoyed the challenge!

If you are interested in Redbird Math you can save 10% by using the promo code  EFPJMR

This week in our Moving Beyond the Page Communities and Culture Language Arts unit, Madison read Adventures in the Middle Ages by Linda Bailey. She answered comprehension questions and learned about artifacts, a Peasant’s life, being poor and social class. she did a lot of comparing of the Middle Ages to Ancient Egypt. Madison compared events that happen in a castle to the events that happen in her community and made her own castle.

She also wrote sentences on her vocabulary words, Peasant, Lice, Poacher, Dungeon, and Chivalry. Madison compared the Binkerton characters between the books Adventures in Ancient Egypt and Adventures in the Middle Ages using a Venn diagram.

In our Moving Beyond the Page Communities Change Over Time Social Studies unit, Madison explored Ancient Civilizations including the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the Aztec Empire, Ancient Egypt and the Chinese Empire. She learned about religion and myths and read a story about Pandora’s Box and Narcissus. She chose to research Ancient Rome and created a diorama that included the Coliseum.

DSC03145 (2)

DSC03144Madison identified several jobs during the Medieval times and explained their descriptions. She did a worksheet on before and after sentences describing The Plague and created her own Coat of Arms.

Madison learned about America Yesterday and today by cutting and pasting symbols onto a timeline of America’s history. The events on the timeline included Columbus discovering America, Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock, The Declaration of Independence, The California Gold Rush, The Civil War, the 13th Amendment outlaws slavery, World War I, The Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights Act, the Vietnam War, the First man walks in the moon, the personal computer is invented, the World Wide Web is introduced, and 9/11. We also discussed the change that each event had on America.

Madison painted a beautiful picture of a horse on canvas in her art class this week.

Pictures 092This week SeaLife had Homeschool week. Madison loves SeaLife, so we ventured out into the cold to go. Madison enjoyed the stingray feeding the most. Everywhere the SeaLife educator went, Madison was right next to her, asking her questions. 🙂

Pictures 019

Pictures 036

And as I walked out the door on our way to SeaLife, I remembered a post I had read from A Homeschool Mom about Raising Motivated Learners: Tools, Not Products and I grabbed Madison’s camera so she could  take pictures while she was at SeaLife and download them onto her laptop when we got home. She really enjoyed taking pictures and videos.

Pictures 031

Madison finished up Lesson 5 in her Worldy Wise Level 3 Vocabulary book. She is continuing to make it through her Handwriting Without Tears Grade 3 cursive book. We are getting to close to finishing it. Drama, piano lessons and Lego Robotics class were canceled due to the weather as well as her Lego Creative Club Welcome Meeting, but she is looking forward to all of her activities next week if the weather doesn’t interfere again.

We have a new rule at our house. If you want to play Minecraft, you have to build something real first. Madison loves Minecraft, but I find it addicting and not as educational as some believe. So here is Madison putting together a quick puzzle prior to playing Minecraft.

Pictures 045

Another favorite for her is Roller Coaster Tycoon. She loves playing that as well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful February and is looking forward to a great March!

2 Comments on “Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling – The Fourth Week in February 2015

  1. Just realizing you guys are doing MBTP as well 🙂 iove the rule you added due to minecraft 🙂 both my girls play and also love rollercoaster tycoon and sim city !! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw that earlier, but didn’t have time to comment! That is SO awesome! I also noticed you are doing the 8-10 and I am so excited to use your video resources that you post when we start that age unit. We have a lot in common!


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