The Misdiagnosis of Giftedness, ADD & ADHD

I am very saddened this evening. I have officially heard from too many parents that either they have had a teacher suggest that their gifted child has ADD or ADHD or that their Pediatrician has referred a child to a Psychiatrist that does not have training on the characteristic traits of a gifted child and has diagnosed them. At first I began to think there were just a couple of ignorant, uneducated people out there suggesting that students who didn’t fit into the ‘high achiever’ box get tested and that the parents whom I know well knew better and blew it off. But, now that I realize it is more common locally and that trusting parents may not be able to blow it off as easily and I am worried. I realize the reason for SENG and that we very well may be medicating our most brilliant youth because unknowing parents trust any professional opinion. I am thankful that I have not yet come across a parent that has chosen to medicate a gifted student and I am not saying that a gifted student is exempt from being ADD or ADHD, because I know the two can go hand in hand. What scares me is when Pediatricians refer parents to a Psychiatrist that is not knowledgeable in gifted traits or one that even acknowledges giftedness at all and a child is misdiagnosed. I didn’t realize until this evening how common of a practice this is. So if you are a teacher, I beg you to educate yourself on all gifted traits and how to differentiate a classroom. If you are a Pediatrician, please educate yourself on gifted children. And most importantly, if you are a parent, please research gifted traits and characteristics of gifted children before accepting a diagnoses from any doctor. Better yet, only have your child seen by someone who is educated on giftedlness. Hoagies is a great place to start. Here is a link with a list and you can search their site for other professionals as well. And I understand seeking out a professional that specializes in giftedness isn’t intuitive. It wasn’t for me either. But to save a lot of time, money and your child’s sanity please try. And please, watch this video to understand why it is so important:

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