February Discovery Days at the Perot Museum

Madison’s favorite place to visit (aside from Disney World) is our local Science Museum, the Perot. Each month they feature Discovery Days on the second Saturday of the month where families discover the fun of science together. You can try out real experiments, design and build new creations, and check out dynamic performances each month with guest scientists, educators and artists.

Each month has a new theme and the theme for February was Engineers. Madison had a blast participating in all of the science projects! Lockheed Martin went above and beyond by creating a booklet to go with the science activities they presented. Not only did Madison gain a better understanding of the projects while she did them, it also included instructions on how she could do them all at home! This was a super awesome bonus for everyone that participated in Discovery Days in February.

Here are some of the fun experiments that were provided by Lockheed Martin:

Pictures 257

Pictures 281

Pictures 277The Perot had some great discovery tables set up in the lobby as well. Madison had fun exploring littleBits and Cubelets. She fell in love with Cubelets!

Pictures 274Pictures 032Here is a video of what Madison made using the Cubelets:

Madison had a blast building and creating a blueprint:

Pictures 040Pictures 041Here is the final product of her blueprint (she hasn’t learned the meaning of using a ruler yet…lol):

PicturesAnd experimenting with all different kinds of circuits!Pictures 314http://youtu.be/f3d0G0hHjIg

Here’s an example of how gifted children think differently. When Madison arrived at this table, the cups were aligned in a row. She wanted to play a chord, so she rearranged them together so she could play more than one note at a time with one hand. The volunteers at the booths throughout the museum got a kick out of Madison when she tried the different experiments. And that’s how I feel about homeschooling her. It’s a joy to watch her and see how she thinks, creates and does things. And I am SO glad I have learned to give her the freedom to do just that. There is not aways a “RIGHT” way to do things at our house or only “ONE” way. We are open to new ideas and new ways. That is the motto to foster creativity. I am a very lucky mom to have Madison as a daughter and I appreciate all of the fun that comes with it.

And last, but not least, Madison had a really fun time experimenting with a 3D Printing Pen.

Pictures 336I love our Science Museum, because it provides so many different hands on learning experiences for Madison. She loves learning and my job is to open up as many hands on learning experiences for her as I can. They have a new Sherlock Holmes exhibit and we cannot wait to go see it!

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