Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling – The Third Week in February 2015

I am proud to announce that this week we found out that Madison’s Lego creation of dogs won and she is now an official member (out of 10) of the Lego Creative Crew Team for Legoland Discovery Center DFW. With becoming a member of the Legoland Creative Crew Member Madison receives:

*Invitations to exclusive meetings and building opportunities with Master Model Builder, Ian Paige

*VIP/Preview access to special LEGOLAND Discovery Center DFW events

*Family Annual Pass to LEGOLAND Discovery Center DFW

*Participation in ribbon cutting ceremonies during the launch of new attractions

*Creative Crew T-Shirt and prize pack

Madison is BEYOND excited for this experience!

Pictures 249Madison is moving right along in her new Redbird Math. She had almost completed 3rd grade in the EPGY program, but I decided to start her back at the beginning of 3rd grade in Redbird, because it is more challenging. It fast tracks her through what she already knows, so she is moving at a good pace. Here is what she has completed so far:

Understand  Multiplication:
Equal  Groups:  Repeated  Addition
Equal  Groups  in  Multiplication:  Unknown  Items  Per  Group
Equal  Groups  in  Multiplication:  Unknown  Number  of  Groups
Equal  Groups:  Rows
Equal  Groups:  The  Array  Model
Commutative  Property  of  Multiplication
Multiplicative  Identity  Property and Zero  Property  of  Multiplication
Multiplication  in  1-Step  Problem  Solving
Concept  of  Area:
Compare  Areas  of  Rectangles
Tile  Rectangles  to  Find  Area
Area  Formula
Decompose  a  Rectangle  to  Find  Area
Area  with  Customary  Units
Area  with  Metric  Units
Decompose  Figures  to  Find  Area

This is what her Math looked like for Decompose a rectangle to find area:

Pictures 090Pretty cool, huh? Madison thought so! If you are interested in this cool Math online program, check out my post: Review of Redbird Mathematics (Formerly EPGY) and a Promo Code for Savings. In our Moving Beyond the Page Communities and Cultures Language Arts unit, Madison finished reading Adventures in Ancient Egypt and answered comprehension questions. She completed a plot pyramid by listing events that lead up to the climax of the story and events after as well as the problem and solution of the story. Madison brainstormed what a day in Ancient Egypt would be like and compared it to what a day in her life is like and how they differ. Pictures 059Madison also had fun with a hands on project, a Thames and Kosmos Classic Science Archaeology: Pyramid kit that she received for Christmas. First, she had to crack a hieroglyphic code. Pictures 005Next, Madison had to find the secret door by reading the hieroglyphics on the pyramid. Pictures 006Then Madison was able to chip away to find what was buried in the tomb. Pictures 010Pictures 017In our Moving Beyond the Page Communities Over Time Social Studies unit, Madison read A Street Throughout Time by Dr. Anne Millard. This book illustrates how one culture changed over 12,000 years. She really loves this book. Madison selected and labeled three time periods (The Stone Age, The Roman Times and Medieval Times) and illustrated several elements of culture from each. Then she filled in important aspects of the culture from all the time periods from the book on a timeline. Next, Madison identified one important change that occurred between each time period over the 12,000 years and if it was positive or negative, and why it occurred. She also drew a picture of clothing for each time period to show how this element of culture changed over time. Madison cut and pasted different culture elements to the continents of South America, Africa, and Asia. Then she completed a Venn diagram on the similarities and differences between Brazil, Japan, and Kenya and learned that each country on a continent will have its own unique culture. For President’s Day we read So You Think You Want to Be President? by Judith St. George. We are also continuing to read Lincoln: A Photobiography by Russell Freedman. For Chinese New Year we read Chinese New Year by Judith Jango-Cohen and watched an educational video. We are blessed to have a wonderful Arts District in Dallas that had a Chinese New Year Celebration at the Crow Collection Museum. Madison saw dancing dragons, pet sheep, made a lantern, a lucky red envelope, designed Japanese Fashion like the ones on display and had her face painted. We had a fabulous time. I absolutely love when we can apply what we learn to real hands on experiences. Pictures 066Pictures 068Pictures 072Pictures 075Pictures 091Pictures 077Madison had more fun creating in Lego Robotics this week. This contraption spins. Pictures 089I forgot to post the penguin print Madison gave me for Valentine’s Day from art class. It is a precious card that I will always treasure. Pictures 087In piano she is working on learning how to play Old Mac Donald Had a Farm. She likes to sing while she plays which is awesome because she wants to do several versus with different animals which equals lots of practicing. Haha! Her teacher told me after last lesson that she has an ear for music and that we should consider the violin as well in the future…. So it looks as though we will be pursing both in the near future. Madison continues to practice her lines for drama and enjoys Homeschool PE and Basketball Skills class. She also continues her vocabulary, typing, handwriting, etc. I am very thankful we have had another successful week!

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