Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh My!

It would have been pretty cool if I could have said we went to Oz, but we didn’t. 🙂 This past weekend we enjoyed a mildly chilly day at the Dallas Zoo. In the month of February, admission is $5 so we decided to take advantage of the great price and venture out even if it was cold and I am glad we did because Madison loved it!

We love seeing the animal encounters and happened upon one staring the lions. Their keepers have trained them to do certain movements so they can have a physical and be checked without having to put them under to do it. It was really neat to watch.

Pictures 089 Pictures 091

Here is a video of the lion encounter:

Next, we saw the gorillas. This one was very playful and banged on the glass at Madison as if he wanted to play tag and then ran away and then came back and did it again. Madison got a huge kick out of that.

Pictures 150One of my favorite experiences at the Dallas Zoo is feeding the giraffes. Here is a picture of Madison and Jeff feeding one and you can see Kopano, the new baby giraffe in the background.

Pictures 100Madison enjoyed seeing the penguins and a macaw. Little did she know she would be seeing one these Penguins close enough to touch it later in the week, but that is for a different post.

Pictures 105Pictures 168We were able to get a front row table to view the lions while we ate lunch.

Pictures 158Madison’s smile shows how much she loved feeding the birds. This was her second most favorite part of the zoo. She learned which birds ate birdseed and which ones ate meal worms and she was able to feed them using both.

Pictures 176 Pictures 186Madison’s absolute favorite part of the zoo was the nature trading center. We had never been in this section and her eyes lit up the minute we walked in. It is covered with every item from nature you can think of and kids can bring items in for points and trade for other items. She met a fossil expert and they talked about fossils for at least 30 minutes. Madison cannot wait to explore and find rare nature items to bring in to trade. She also cannot wait to go back and look at everything all over again. Madison’s two main interests that she has had since she was very little are Egypt and Rocks/Fossils. She could devour information on those for hours.

Pictures 171 Pictures 173Because of the special admission price and the fact it warmed up the zoo became insanely crowded, so we decided to call it a day, but we definitely will be returning again very soon.

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