Dallas Children’s Aquarium Homeschool Day

Dallas Children’s Aquarium Homeschool Day.

On Tuesday we visited the Dallas Children’s Aquarium for Homeschool Day. It was perfect for Madison and she loved it! They handed out curriculum packets, had tables set up with activities and brought in live animals from the Dallas Zoo for the kids to learn about while seeing them up close! It was awesome!

Pictures 231
We started out viewing the penguin and the 5 year old American alligator. The penguin was adorable and had such a cute personality. It was very hard to not pet her. You just wanted to give her a huge hug! Madison learned a lot about penguins and alligators. I was impressed.

Pictures 238Pictures 239They offered nature journaling tours so we made sure we were there for the first one. Luckily, we ended up being the only ones since everyone arrived a bit later, so Madison got a one on one learning experience. That was AWESOME! The nature expert was amazing and Madison learned so much and loved every minute of it. They were like two peas in a pod. Pictures 195Pictures 193Pictures 197
Madison also enjoyed touching a sea urchin and other sea life.

Pictures 244
The really cool part of the Dallas Children’s Aquarium is Sting Ray Bay where you can feed and pet the sting rays, which Madison did for about an hour!
Pictures 201 Pictures 208Pictures 217Pictures 225This was a very worthwhile homeschool day enrichment that we will be partaking in again in the future!

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