Am I Qualified to Homeschool My Own Child?

I am so grateful for the support I have from the local homeschooling group we are a part of. I am on a new journey of homeschooling and the suggestions and advice I receive each week may seem like small bits from those who give it, but they are like nuggets of gold to me. I value everyone’s input because they have experience and knowledge and for them to share it with me is priceless and helps me immensely. Every family is different and every child is different as well, but to hear ideas and various perspectives helps to guide me and adds a greater value to our homeschooling journey.

I love reading other’s perspectives in blogs and posts. I am also grateful for those that post how they are homeschooling. It allows them to share ideas with others. It is a great wealth of knowledge that expand my ideas and horizons.

I am grateful for the resources that are available to homeschoolers such as curriculum with teaching guides, co-ops, specialized classes, online curriculum or the knowledge and support that is shared in person or online from other homeschoolers. I am not saying everyone can or should homeschool. I am saying if someone wants to and is motivated, dedicated and utilizes the numerous resources and the knowledge available to them that they can successfully provide a quality education for their child.

Until those that doubt and question actually understand what homeschoolers do and how they do it, they will continue to have the stigma that children cannot ‘really learn’ unless they are in an actual school building. So while a degree in Education is necessary to teach a classroom full of students with different learning needs, I don’t think it is necessary for a homeschool parent to successfully teach their own children. My foremost concern is not with ‘those people’ who don’t or won’t take the time to understand, but rather with my child and her education and those who support it. I have every bit of confidence that Madison will learn much more than she would in a full school classroom that is taught to the test. Homeschooling also allows her to learn at her own pace and to be much happier because she is able to experience so many more hands on learning opportunities that are meaningful to her.

So do I think I am qualified to homeschool my own child? Despite what others may think, all that matters is that I know I am. Madison is living proof of that.

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