Misdiagnosing Gifted Children With ADHD

I have heard of many teachers who suggest parents of gifted children should have their child tested for ADHD. I challenge every teacher to watch this video and make sure they are very well informed before suggesting a gifted child be tested. It could save the future of a child.

Gifted children are misdiagnosed and the results of this can be devastating for them. If a gifted child is truly ADHD, then they should be diagnosed by a psychologist that specializes in giftedness. Hoagies gifted is a great place to search for a qualified Psychologist .

If you are in the DFW area, I highly recommend Dr. Lusby at Cornerstone Assessment and Guidance Center. She has the knowledge to help all gifted and 2e children.

For a gifted or 2e child, it really does matter to have a proper diagnoses from someone who has your child’s best interest at heart. Not what makes it easiest for a classroom setting.

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