The Gifted Child: Being Taught By Others

I have to admit one of the hardest aspects of parenting a gifted child is finding teachers and coaches that understand my child and lift her up versus squashing her. I have found they are rare and few between. For awhile I felt like I was the only one who understood Madison and was the only one who could teach her anything. The only one she would listen to….until her art teacher came along. Some days, like today, I am still speechless when I pick her up and honestly I am fighting back tears because I am so happy, blessed and grateful that someone else not only ‘gets’ my child, but sees the same things I do in her…and more. And most importantly, gives Madison the opportunity to be herself and makes her feel good about it. Here is the picture Madison created today in art:


The example for the class was a colorful watercolor picture. Madison went with her tornado vision. She added a creepy smiley face at the end and her teacher laughed, as did I. That’s Madison and being asynchronous and 7 years old. I don’t know what we would do without Ms. Mary at the ArtHouse and I don’t even want to think about it, so I won’t. 🙂 I am just going to count my blessings and enjoy every moment. Madison thrives on being able to do her ‘own thing’ while still embracing the technique being taught and we are grateful Ms. Mary understands that and allows her to do this. She has had prior experiences where she was forced to create an exact replicas of examples and she grew to not like art because of this, and from being reprimanded for being different and ended up wanting to quit. Without the right teacher a love and a skill cannot flourish. That’s why it is so important to have a teacher who understands! It ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ a gifted child.

I am also grateful for the coaches in her life. Madison takes a Homeschool PE class and a Basketball Skills class from Bowmen Sports at our local Rec Center. The coaches are amazing. They are so positive, fair, fun and encouraging that Madison is all smiles the entire time. Now mind you, we have tried several different sports. Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance, etc. and Madison ‘clicks’ with this one. They encourage her in such a positive way that she always has fun. I enjoy sitting and watching her smile! It is SUCH a good feeling! She’s never complained about anything while there. That to me that = success! And of course it’s not just her, all the kids have a blast there. The coaches’ positive vibe and enthusiasm radiates to all of the kids. It’s awesome!

Here is Madison taking a shot:


And here is her group cheering when she made the shot!


It takes a lot of trying many different things and personalities of teachers to find a ‘good fit’ for Madison, but when I do, I am grateful and blessed! And so is she!

Gifted children need a certain amount of support for their ‘quirks’ and they are all different. It takes a very talented teacher/coach to recognize this and to reach each child. I have the highest respect for those that can achieve this successfully, because I know it takes a very special kind of person to be able to do so.

One Comment on “The Gifted Child: Being Taught By Others

  1. I’ve been known to say I’d like to clone a few teachers:). And coaches. It shouldn’t feel like such a godsend when you find them, should it? Seems like that should be the norm.

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