Month: December 2014

The Crazy Fun of November

I realize I am a bit behind on posts and need to catch up before the New Year! The holidays have been a whirlwind of fun! Madison is an extrovert and is always wanting to be on the go and be around people. I… Continue Reading “The Crazy Fun of November”

Asynchronism: The Gifted Child Flipping a Switch

I think the hardest part of raising and teaching a highly gifted child is asynchronism. One moment she’s so mature and talking as if she is 20 and the very next second she is clapping and dancing around as if she was 3. I… Continue Reading “Asynchronism: The Gifted Child Flipping a Switch”

A Whole New Outlook on Parenting a Highly Gifted Child

Parenting Madison brings a whole new definition to parenting. I am very grateful she is my child. I am envious of the outlook she has on life. If I had the insight she does or have had the trust that I have in her….… Continue Reading “A Whole New Outlook on Parenting a Highly Gifted Child”

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