The Gifted Child, the Perfectionist and Art Class

Madison enjoys her extra-curricular activities, especially her art class!

Here is Madison at art class:

iphone pics and videos up to 7-17-2013 139

Here’s the breakdown of the gifted child and perfectionism: Madison loves art. Gifted children can be a challenge when it comes to perfectionism. Madison is a perfectionist and she has come a LONG way from having meltdowns during art class. On this particular day she waited until we got into the car. “I hate it”, she said and then went into full blown meltdown. Fortunately her art teacher gave me a heads up in a way that wasn’t obvious at all to Madison. It was because she has now moved up to the older age group and has to learn how to draw so that she fixes things herself versus having the teacher do it or show her how to do it. So I was ready for this by the time we hit the car. I asked her calmly why she ‘hated it.’ She expressed that the eyes on her giraffe weren’t even and that it was ugly. I proceeded to tell her that I thought it was the most beautiful picture she has brought home yet. She looked very surprised and asked me why. I explained it was because it was her artwork that she is learning techniques by creating it and to me her art work that shows those techniques that she is learning which is the most beautiful pieces of all. She said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore and we went on with our day, but I knew it was a successful talk because the meltdown stopped. I gave my husband a heads up prior to him coming home from work. When he arrived home he asked her to see her drawing. She didn’t want to show him, but when I did and she saw it she said, “Oh, wow! It’s a lot better than I thought it was!” “It’s actually pretty good!” 🙂

iphone pics and videos up to 7-17-2013 159

Then her dad asked her if she knew what a perfectionist was? She replied with, “Someone who does everything perfectly.” He said, “No, it’s someone who wants to do everything perfectly, but in reality there is no such thing.” It was a great life lesson and hope she will continue to grow and learn. I hope to help her through her perfectionism and I am SO blessed she has the most wonderful art teacher that has already helped her so much in so many ways! I am grateful that Madison is challenged in an environment where she feels safe and that she can learn how to handle being challenged in a positive manner and views it as a good thing. It may never happen 100%, but I am hoping that each time she is challenged and something doesn’t come easily, it will end up having a huge positive impact on her.

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