A Homeschool Field Trip to the Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is an amazing place for children and offers so many kid friendly learning opportunities. The first Saturday of each month, the Nasher Sculpture Center hosts Target First Saturdays. On Target First Saturdays admission to the Nasher Sculpture Center is free and they have super fun activities for pre-school and elementary children all day! Madison really enjoys this event each month.

Here Madison is taking a peek while they are setting up the newest exhibition.


Here is the line up of activities for the Target First Saturday.


Madison started out with the scavenger hunt activity and went around to find the piece of art by looking at a picture hint and wrote the artist and title of each piece. They are different each month.





Here is what the scavenger hunt looks like. When she is all finished she turns it in and receives a prize!


After the Scavenger Hunt we went to do the Children’s Art Activity. This month it was a Time Capsule.



On prior visits we have taken the Family Tour and have done the other activities and they are a lot of fun! This trip we decided to check out other happening in the Arts District. We took a quick walk about a block to Klyde Warren Park. The Perot Museum was hosting a special project there about space. The Perot Museum has free themed family activities the first Saturday of each month at Klyde Warren Park. This month the theme was Space.


Klyde Warren Park has many wonderful features and is a lot of fun for kids!


They have a children’s park and another area with games like miniature golf and Foosball!




After having lots of fun in the 100 degree heat at Klyde Warren Park we headed over to the Dallas Museum of Art. They have a great free program called DMA Friends where you can earn points to use towards rewards! General admission to DMA is free!

Here is Madison signing helping me sign up for the DMA Friends program.


We went just to look around, but they offer many family friendly programs to check out!

Madison had me take her picture next to her favorite pieces of art.



She really enjoyed looking at all the paintings.


There were sections where she was encouraged to touch and feel different textures.



She asked to see the Egyptian art and came across a mummy.


And then realized you could see it’s toes…



We can’t wait to go back and will post more about the different types of art we see. The Dallas Arts District has so much to offer families. It was a great Homeschooling Field Trip!


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