The Week of August 25th: The First Official Week of Homeschool

Madison’s desk was all set for her first day of school:

iphone pics and videos up to 7-17-2013 054

Madison was excited for her first week and it went very well until Friday. The beauty of homeschooling is that it is flexible. The one thing I have learned from other homeschoolers is to be flexible and adjust what isn’t working. I have also read a lot and learned a lot about gifted learners. They do need things to be different and that is one of the reasons I decided to homeschool. The important thing is we made it through the week. I learned what worked and what didn’t for both of us and changed accordingly for the next week. I will explain more in next week’s post and hopefully some of my new tactics worked. 🙂 As for the first week of school, here is what we worked on:

In Math we finished up our Operations Unit with:
• Multiplication: Identify multiplication as repeated addition. Multiply two one-digit numbers by 2, 3, and 5 using an array.
• Division: Explain division as equal parts of a set. Divide a number up to 30 by 2, 3, or 5 using pictorial representations.
• Estimate Sums & Differences: Estimate reasonable answers to addition and subtraction problems with sums to 100.
• And a test over the entire Operations Unit.

We also completed Lessons 38 – 42 in Saxon Math. And took a variety of one minute timed addition tests everyday with 25 problems each.

In Language, we learned the following:

• ow, ou, oi, oy; Context Clues: Demonstrated knowledge in the following areas: vowel diphthongs ow, ou, oi, and oy; high frequency words; fluency reviewing question marks and quotation marks; vocabulary; reading a leveled text; context clues; and writing.
• str, spr; Sequence Events: Demonstrated knowledge in the following areas: the consonant clusters str and spr; high frequency words; fluency focusing on inflection; vocabulary; reading a leveled text; sequencing events in a narrative; and writing.
• R-Controlled –ear Irregular Plural Nouns; Story Structure: Demonstrated knowledge in the following areas; r-controlled vowels spelled –ear; irregular plural nouns; and story structure.
• Inflectional Endings ing, ed; Story Elements: Demonstrate knowledge in the following areas: the inflectional endings ing and ed; high frequency words; fluency focusing on phrasing; vocabulary; reading a leveled text; story elements identifying characters, setting, and plot; and writing.

We read a fictional story and learned about the elements of fiction by relating, discussing, using a story map and a web.

We also completed our Language Arts Extension Unit on Hygiene. In that unit Madison learned:
• Background/Story: Thematic content through discovery and achieve comprehension by reading literature with emphasis on vocabulary. Stories use controlled vocabulary to enhance phonemic awareness.
• Sounds, Letters & Words: Through a series of learning activities focused on discovery, recognition, and application, she practiced phonetic skills. She experienced words in a variety of modes, including rhyme and story. –Keywords: hygiene, phonics, consonant blends nd & sl, word families, blending, segmenting, phonological awareness, decodable reader, pre-writing, authentic writing, story.

Madison also worked on brainstorming, writing a rough draft and a final draft of her letter to her penpal. This was a super fun project for her this week.

On the days she didn’t work on her letter, she did a page in her Second Grade Handwriting Without Tears book.

As for reading, Madison read to self for 30 minutes everyday. She finished The Sorcerer’s Stone which she read one page and my husband read 2 pages throughout the book.

We started Lesson 6 in Wordly Wise Vocabulary and did an Analogies worksheet page.

We learned more about the Vikings and Instruments used in Science.

This week the only activity she had was gymnastics class, so we sent her to a gymnastics open gym session that her friends were attending and she had a BLAST! Next week she will have art, basketball, kidfit, and gymnastics.

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