Wading Through the Tide – Advice Needed

Madison has been ‘off’ this week. All of her quirks and sensitivities are in full throttle mode. I have been wracking my brain to figure out why. Life is much harder for everyone when she is like this, so figuring out the triggers is important to me. Not enough sleep? Lack of exercise? And then it hit me…control. Madison has to feel like she has some choices in her day. She has to feel empowered. See most gifted kids are introverts. Mine is a 100% extrovert who wants to be in control of her own destiny. She is in a camp this week from 9am-3:30. A cool camp. But apparently one that she doesn’t have the opportunity to make choices in. We had the same problem when she was in school. The same behaviors. Everything is heightened. Even down to the sensitivity to her socks. Socks are a HUGE issue for her. I am hoping by targeting her issues I can help her. I’m just not sure how. Does anyone have any advice? I need to figure out how to help her when she is in controlled environments where she doesn’t have choices and feels powerless. It is a huge problem for her. One I don’t think she’ll overcome with a ‘talk.’ 

2 Comments on “Wading Through the Tide – Advice Needed

  1. Your Madison and my Noah are cut from the same cloth. I shake my head the number of times I have tried to put my round peg into a square hole. I like to read him anything by Julia Cook and then emphasize. I let him boss me around for a bit. It helps. Sometimes it just helps to pull him out and let him decompress. https://www.facebook.com/andrea.m.nair?ref=profile
    Is a good one I have found helpful.

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